Care Instructions

How to care for your Tombag...

Waxed Canvas:
1. To prevent destroying the special waxed oil proofing, DO NOT DRY CLEAN.
2. Wash down with clean COLD water and hang to dry and normal room temperature.
3. Apply a liberal amount of wax proofing compound to heavily soiled areas with a soft brush to loosen dirt then remove using a clean cloth.
4. DO NOT use soap detergents or cleaning fluids. Should your Tombag be accidentally contaminated with petrol, acid, ammonia, manure or other chemicals, wash down as in 2.
5. Excessive dirt and grit can be detrimental to the Tombag accelerating damage by abrasion. To prolong the life of your Tombag, periodic washing as in 2. is advised.
6. Regular application of chemical proofing wax will maintain the waterproof qualities of the fabric and keep your Tombag in good condition and thereby extending the life of your Tombag.

Cotton, Canvas, Liberty, Linen and Polycotton:
For best results COLD hand wash only. 

Tweed and Wool:
Dry clean only.